Sunday, February 14, 2010

Time Marches On...

At 3am on February 10, 2009, John, Wendy, Heather and I all left to go to Banner Gateway for the arrival of Violet Rayne Coombe. Heather had not slept. She was too excited. She came down in her Disney princess brown sweat suit and no wig. It was really her first time out all day with no wig.We arrived and got all settled into Wendy's room. Nothing really happening but lots of jokes, laughter and smiles all around. John and Heather went out for breakfast at McDonald's. Heather drove her own car to the hospital. Little Miss Independent. Bill and Jenn arrived at about 7:30am. Lots of smiles and laughter for the entire family.There were lots of stops and starts to the labor process and it looked like we may be in for a long haul and Miss Violet would take hours to get here. When contractions finally did hit Wendy went very quickly from that point. Heather and I were rubbing Wendy's back and helping her breath. Heather took Wendy's right side and John and I took her left. Bill was not really sure he should be in the room, but stayed at the head of the bed. He got some amazing photos that we cherish.The moment Princess Pea was born Heather was overcome with emotion and began to cry. She loved Wendy so much..and now she was there for the very first moment of Pea's life. Heather was hooked on Pea the moment she was born. When the nurses took Pea to the warmer Aunt Missy went with her to keep a close eye on her.
There were so many plans that Aunt Missy had dreamed for Pea. When we found out she was a girl, Aunt Missy went out and bought her a purple bunny t shirt and a pink tutu...a classic Heather outfit. She wanted to buy her a purse and fill it with lip gloss and all kids of girlie things. Aunt Missy was going to show Violet all the best stores and how to shop.While Violet was growing and sleeping when she was 2 months and 10 days old her world changed forever and she never knew it happened. Violet will only hear from us and see in photos how amazing her Aunt Missy was. Aunt Missy will never go to carry out all her big dreams and plans for Violet.

In her first year:
Violet learned to sleep through the night...I can not check on Heather sleeping at night
Violet learned to laugh...I miss hearing Heather's laugh
Violet learned to crawl...Heather will never again come crawl in bed with me
Violet learned to eat solid more endless chips and salsa
Violet learned to say words...I miss the sweet sound of Heather's voice
Violet learned to walk...I will never see Heather walk through the door again
Violet will grow and learn lots of things...but she will never know her Aunt MissyHAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY to my Pea..
Heather's facebook~February 10, 2009 at 11:04pm
Heather Coombe is no longer just Heather,
she is forevermore Aunt Missy.........
The bestest Aunt in the world...
that is if your name is Violet....